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The linking policy for our site could be stronger.

Nevertheless, we give you the linking policy for Jack Daniels Distillery, located in Tennessee.

Submitting a request as we speak, which may mean permission will be granted by the company.

A strong linking policy is a good thing; important to protect globally recognized brands.

More about linking in general, from our own linking policy template’s source, is seen below.


Hyperlinks make the world wide web. The major search engines all treat links to a website as votes for that website, and web pages with high quality links will – all else being equal – tend to rank more highly on the search engine results pages than web pages with few links. Accordingly, most webmasters of business websites will want to attract as many links as possible to their websites.


More About Linking and Links

Most social networking sites, like Facebook et al., allow links to other sites but don’t pass on what is known as link juice, translated as passing some of their own Page Rank onto the linked site.

There are currently a small handful of pages that enjoy a Page Rank of 10 out of 10, the highest rank possible.  Per, they are (including 3 302 redirects):

Have you heard of other brands like Jack Daniels with similar policies? Post them in the comments!

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