SEO from a comparative perspective

Search Engines help us find things. They also help us refine our questions. A good SEO plan will take this into consideration. So, really, what ARE you looking for?

A restaurant with good, no, GREAT food?

SEO GREAT food 1024px-Boiled_Maine_Lobster

The meaning of life?

SEO Meaning of Life Immanuel_Kant

Your life partner?

SEO Happy Couple

All of the above???

A wise person said once, “Trust those seeking the truth; doubt those who claim they’ve found it.” This statement holds more weight now than ever, evidenced by our growing (in terms of population) yet shrinking (in terms of effort needed to communicate globally) society, ways we’re getting to know each other, and how many differences AND similarities we’re seeing.

Three groups I have had the pleasure of being associated over the years have helped me on my path of seeking truth and meaning in my own life. With this post, I am sharing how they are each pursuing (or not) search results and staying relevant in the 21st century via good SEO work.

They are (in no particular order):

What do these groups have in common? They are all about shifting conversations at a personal and global level. Over a year ago, I took a look at how each of the sites was ranking for various keywords. See the results via the SEO report links below.

What I found most interesting is the Challenge Day group was the only one that invested in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Each has a different audience, but there is significant overlap between the HAI and Landmark groups. All three groups have worldwide audiences, focused on what I commonly refer to as conscious evolution so that we grow intentionally as a species instead of by accident.

Challenge Day Overview (2.14 Mb)
HAI Overview (132 Kb)
Landmark Overview (124 Kb)

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